Club Registration

Club Registration

Club Registration is available through the Holden Torana Club for Historic Vehicles being Toranas, Holdens and any other vehicles that meet the requirements of the scheme.

To be eligible for scheme entry you must be a current financial member of the Holden Torana Club, you must only operate the vehicle on our roads in accordance with the Scheme’s conditions for use of the vehicle and your vehicle must meet the following criteria: (Taken from the Club Registration code of practice dated 1 July 2017)

Historic Vehicles
A motor vehicle is a historic vehicle, if 30 years or more have elapsed since 1
January of the year in which the vehicle was manufactured.
Any vehicle fitting this definition is eligible for the Scheme provided
it can legally be driven on public roads in its current configuration. Legally
driven includes that, if so required, there is in force an exemption under
section 163AA of the Road Traffic Act 1961 from compliance with specified Australian
Design Rules or other vehicle standards prescribed under that Act (including its regulations) for the vehicle. An exemption may be obtained from the Department’s Vehicle Standards division. Eligible vehicles are motor vehicles with steering not to the left of the
centre of its longitudinal axis. Eligible vehicles can also include motorcycles and trailers.

Holden Torana Club – Club Registration Process:

  • Follow the link below to the State Goverment’s Conditional Registration page. Download and read the latest Club Registration – Code of Practice to ensure you are fully aware of all aspects of the scheme and that your vehicle is eligible.
  • If you are interested in obtaining club registration of your vehicle through the Holden Torana Club, you must join up to become a club member.
  • Get in touch with the club to let us know you would like to obtain club registration so we can ensure one of our Authorised Persons is available at the meeting, run or event that is suitable to go through the process.
  • Our Authorised Person will go through the application with you. Please ensure you bring your drivers licence, registration certificate, current HTC membership card, photos of the vehicle (front, side & engine bay) and the HTC Club Registration fee (please check with us to confirm the fee prior to application).
  • If you have all of the above and the vehicle is suitable for scheme entry a MR334 form will be completed and a Club Registration log book will be issued.
  • Please attend a Service SA location at your convenience to lodge the MR334 form and pay the applicable registration fees.
  • Contact your vehicle insurer and inform them that the vehicle is on club registration. Vehicle insurance is often cheaper for vehicles on club registration as they can only be driven on the road for 90 days in the year.

Vehicle Owners’ Log Book Requirements, Maintaining Club Membership & Other Conditions

3.6 Vehicle owners must ensure records for each journey undertaken in a conditionally registered vehicle are listed in the log book issued by the recognised motor vehicle club.

The date of the journey and a brief description of the journey must be recorded before each journey commences. The driver must also sign the book (next to the particulars of use) before each journey commences.

3.7 A journey for the purposes of log book recording may consist of one or more separate trips. However a journey that commences at 10.00pm on a particular day and finishes at 2:00am the next day constitutes

two calendar days, as each day commences at midnight. Consequently, two separate days use must be recorded in the log book.

3.8 A ‘journey’ for the purposes of the Scheme does not include driving the vehicle for short distances (within 500 metres) for the purpose of relocating the vehicle from one part of a property to another, or enabling

another vehicle to gain access to a road or property. This is provided that the Registrar endorsed an extension condition on the vehicle’s certificate of registration.

3.9 Vehicle owners who change membership from one recognised motor vehicle club to another, must return the log book issued in respect of the vehicle to the issuing club. A new MR334 Scheme application form

must be issued by the new club’s authorised person before a new log book can be issued by the new club.

3.10 If a vehicle owner ceases to be a financial member of a recognised motor vehicle club at any time during which the vehicle is registered, the vehicle owner must not drive the vehicle or allow any other person to

drive the vehicle until such time that the vehicle owner is again a financial member of a recognised motor vehicle club or has taken out standard registration.

**Please ensure you have read and understand all requirements of club registration**

State Government – Conditional Registration Page